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Sales Representative Ref: 14/7/21
Studio 22 Agencies Ltd
Receptionist Ref: 14/7/21
Studio 22 Agencies Ltd
Office Administrator Ref: 14/7/21
Studio 22 Agencies Ltd
Receptionist Ref: 24/6/21
Studio 22 Agencies Ltd

About Us

At Studio 22 Agency (Abela) Ltd, we have created a platform where employees and employers happily meet and transact. As such, we do recognize both of them as our most valuable assets and contributors to the company’s progress. Hence, we commit to respect all of them at all times; and appreciate when each of them is constantly challenged to reach personal and professional goals.

Aware that the existence, success and client satisfaction of the company is directly related or co-related to the employees’ and employers’ capacity to deliver and relate well with one another among others in a business environment, we love novelty in clientele partnership and, as a matter of priority, we always foster, encourage and reward synergy and teamwork, self-improvement, creativity, and continued learning and professionalism in our service.



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