Recruitment Services

Studio 22 Agencies Ltd (Abela) provide top notch, and retainable candidate that are world class and tailored to suit and effectively blend within an organization.

Our recruitment services are premised on quality, time and affordability. Our recruitment process includes comprehensive pre-screening, academic & professional background checks etc.

Corporate Training Services

Training creates value for an organization when learning is transformed into performance.

Our Approach to highly effective training is to formulate training goals that are tightly linked to business goals, customer needs and continuous improvement. This collaborative approach to training delivers effective results needed to build and sustain an organizations competitive advantage.

Consultancy Services

We understand that the backbone of every organization is the Human resources vertical that centralizes all other functions.

We deliver tailored end to end solutions that are pragmatic and realizable. We need to apply our experience to focus quickly on core opportunities with the highest return and development innovative, pragmatic solutions for implementation with sustainable results. We offer consultancy solutions in:

- On boarding retention
- Ogranizational behaviour and culture
- Recruitment and recruitment policies
- Job evaluation
- Salary benchmarking
- HR policies advisory services - cons
- Personnel policy development and implementation
- Performance Management
- Inteviewing techniques
- Bunsiness Planning

Payroll Processing and Tax/Financial Services

We understand and appreciate that payroll can be one of the most time consuming tasks for an employer.
We thus provide cost effective and fully cmpliant payroll, managemtn seervides with other various value adds like an email address fully dedicated to answer all payroll related services.

CV Writing Services

We are Kenya's Premier Cv Writing Company.
We have helped many Kenyan's since 2007 achieve thier career goals.

Change Management

Studio 22 Agencies chagen management service ensures a seamless transition into a Quality Managemet Framework that ultimately results into a properly restructured organization. This is a competitive advantage that ensures an organization quickly and effectively restructures & implements change.

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